How to Overcome Anger In Two Steps

For many people, their past experiences have brought them to a place of resentment. A buildup of negative emotions can lead to very destructive reactions as unpleasant events in our environment occur. This describes most people with “anger issues.”

If you are reading this, you may be wondering how to change this about yourself. Perhaps you have hurt loved ones, alienated friends, lost a job, or even encountered legal consequences as a result of your seemingly uncontrollable anger. You might be looking for an “anger management technique.”


Step 1: Start With Your Thoughts To Overcome Anger

If you want to change your anger and your life, the first place to start is with your thoughts and determinations. Our thoughts about the things that happen to us are often delusions, which lead to the suffering of anger.

Thoughts About Ourselves and Others

Anger often feeds on delusional thoughts about ourselves and others. These unreasonable thoughts and expectations are the result of our past beliefs, thoughts and actions. Some of these beliefs we may have learned from parents, siblings, and other associations.

You must determine to let go of these delusions. Decide to see the very real value in yourself and all other people. Inside all of us is a being of immeasurable potential. Our behaviors are simply the manifestation of our current understanding or misunderstanding of ourselves and our environment. If you determine to see this value in yourself and others, the delusions of insult and anger will lose its power.

Expecting other people to behave in a way we want them to is also a common delusion that leads to angry outbursts. Instead, determine to channel the desire to control the behavior of others into a desire to control your own behavior.

It’s Okay To Feel Hurt

You may have been taught not to feel hurt or sad, or perhaps to hide and bury those feelings. Maybe you were taught to hide your tears. As a result, your feelings turn to anger as an outlet. First, you must start by accepting that it is perfectly natural to feel hurt or upset by the actions of someone else.

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but the judgment that something else is more important.” – Ambrose Redmoon

Similarly, our behavior in response to the hurtful behavior of others is not in the absence of hurt feelings, but the determination that our peace is more important.

Overcoming anger starts with a determination to focus on our thoughts and behavior, instead of those of others. To start, you may need to spend time sitting and thinking about your determination. Write it down. Determine that the behavior of other people is squarely on them, and your behavior is all up to you. Determine ahead of time how you want to treat people, despite how they treat you. Determine why it’s important to you.


Step 2: Take Action and Change Your Nature

If you determine to behave calmly and kindly to people, even if they don’t, you will find that the outcome is so much better. In the future, your impulse to react with anger will subside. At a minimum, not reacting to people out of anger will avoid escalating circumstances that could lead to violent behavior, permanently damaged relationships, loss of employment and even legal problems. Even better, it will lead to improved relationships with people important to you.

You will find a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment when you determine to react calmly and with kindness, despite their behavior. As you continue with determination and action, peaceful reaction will eventually becomes natural to you. Next thing you know, anger is a thing of the past.


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