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Anger is a state that varies from mild irritation to intense rage. There are two types of Anger, physiological and psychological. When a person becomes angry, they often are unable to think clearly, and their heart rate and blood pressure increases.

A person’s anger can be caused by both external and internal events. You could have an angry outburst at a specific person (such as a co-worker or supervisor) or event (a traffic jam, a canceled flight), or result by worrying about your personal problems. Memories of traumatic events can also trigger anger outbursts.

Living in our 24-hour city comes with certain stressors that affect individual’s anger levels. Las Vegas Anger Management is focused on assisting individuals on navigating away from triggers that have or may result in frustration and/or an angry outburst.

Life hurts at times, and anger is often a result of such hurts. Our program is focused on assisting you in identifying your innate truths, which stem from inner peace, joy & happiness. (Our program is not therapy and we are not therapists, we do not prescribe medication).

Holding on the anger is like dringking poison and excepting the other person to die.


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We provide group and individual training; assisting individuals in developing their Emotional Intelligence (EQ), assertive communication, empathy, and following from within. The basis of our program deals with the 3 Principles (http://www.3pgc.org/), mind, thought and consciousness. Las Vegas Anger Management believes that we all have the capacity to healthy innate living.

Psychological Anger is learned, and our course focuses on teaching individuals the tools that will reduce stress, relieve anxiety and live with a quiet mind. We believe that at our core, we all desire peace, and a life that is centered and balanced.

We are certified by the leading Association related to Anger Management, the National Anger Management Association. Our company information and training methodology has been submitted to the courts, which include: the Clark County Municipal, Justice and Family Courts, Henderson Municipal and Justice Courts, North Las Vegas Municipal and Justice Courts, Las Vegas Municipal and Justice Courts, Boulder City Municipal Court. (Our program is not therapy and we are not therapists, we do not prescribe medication).

anger management providers

Our Team

anger management providers

Coming from the Corporate world, I spent 15 years in Corporate Internal Audit where I managed the operational and regulatory reviews of a $500 million company. I managed a team of auditors and regularly met with Senior Management and the external auditors to ensure continued compliance and operational efficiencies. During my tenure, I experienced many encounters which were stressful, with heated discussions, terminations, fraud investigations, etc.

While successful, I was not content with my career, and wanted something that was more meaningful to me. That desire resulted in some significant changes in my life. I had been assisting people for a few years, and it occurred to me that I was truly passionate about helping people find their inner peace. So I embarked on obtaining certification from the National Anger Management Association.

Life has a way of always working out well when an individual listens from within and follows their heart.


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